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✔Female ❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ dating Jonghyun and suho plus zico in my dreams♥ .
Hi my name is 아이비 Ivy, ◕and i'm 20 years old. I love Kpop,Jrock,anime,manga and manwha. My bias is Kim Jonghyun from SHINee , ZICO from BLOCK B and Suho from E X O,the others are chanyeol, kai, JR from nu'est, Tao,Donghae,lee joon,Taemin,Key,Kim Hyun Joong and Haruma Miura ♥ ≧∇≦.I blog about kpop stuff and kpop guys, Korean actors and Japanese guys.

WHY ARE YOU STILL THIS HOT LOOKING!! , EVEN LOOKING LIKE THIS an adorable, drunk , crazy , sexy, dinosaur looking dork. 

>Shinee - Jonghyun